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Dress code

Do dress up, but always according to the dress code. It is not always clear beforehand what the dress code for a party will be. That is a shame, because it would save so much misery. It is quite embarrassing to appear on a party looking super sexy or in an outfit that really catches the eye while everyone else looks like they just came from the gym or have been on a hike. Or the other way around, of course. Even if the dress code is mentioned on the invitation, not all people know which term means what. That's why we will give you a short description of all different possibilities. What kind of party clothing should you wear when?

Dresscode cocktail
Dresscode avondkleding
Dresscode black tie


White tie

A long festive formal evening dress with a big cleavage and long gloves. Tails or gala uniform for the gentlemen.

Black tie

A short or long formal evening dress for the ladies, possibly a long skirt. Small cleavage and half long gloves. For the gentlemen a smoking.

Formal evening wear

A stylish long or short formal evening dress for the ladies. Gentlemen can choose between a tailcoat or smoking.


Evening wear to make an impression with! A short festive dress or skirt. Gentlemen will have to find a dark suit or smoking.

Tenue de ville

Tenue de ville litterally means town clothing, which means as much as neat day wear (not formal evening wear). For the ladies: a woman's suit or none too flashy dress with tights or stockings (no bare legs) and optionally a hat. For the gentlemen a neat suit, triparitte allowed, not required, dark blue or gray (not brown) with a shirt and tie, black shoes and dark socks.

Dark suit

The same as tenue de ville, but the ladies do not wear hats. Informal: A dress, suit or pantsuit. Which is allowed according to the latest fashion. For the gentlemen a suit or combination with a tie.



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